We Test At Home Urine Test Strips (3 strips)

We Test At Home Urine Test Strips (3 strips)

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We Test At Home Urine Test Strips are a simple, reliable test which allows you to test and monitor important health indicators in the privacy of your own home.

  • Can be used on women, men, children and babies
  • Results within 90 seconds
  • As effective as test strips used by doctors
  • Provides peace of mind or early detection for early intervention and improved outcomes
  • The first test self-test of its kind to be approved in Australia

Each pack contains 3 individually wrapped test strips that give accurate, reliable test results so you can get insights into when there may be a problem that requires further investigation with your doctor. The DIY urine tests for 11 parameters including;

  • dehydration
  • glucose
  • protein
  • vitamin C
  • pH levels
  • white blood cells
  • nitrite
  • ketones
  • bilirubin
  • urobilinogen
  • blood
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