BioActive Honey MGO 250+ 250g

Australia's Manuka Bioactive Honey MGO 250+ is a medium potency honey and is scientifically tested for its antibacterial potency. This honey is perfect for treating minor wounds and burns for both you and your pet. It is often used in hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes for its incredible healing properties. Perfect in an emergency.

Originating from the Northern Forests in New South Wales - Australia, this honey is born in the coastal forests where the wilderness blends with the tropical paradise of Byron Bay. In one of the largest unspoilt oases on the planet, this honey is produced by bees living surrounded by white beaches and eucalyptus forests.

Australia's Manuka Bioactive Honey MGO 250+ is considered a 'super food' and is perfect for cereals and centrifuges, fruit and yoghurt. However, it should be avoided if you are looking for a honey to use during cooking as the heat would cause it to lose some of its active ingredients.

In addition to antioxidants, this honey contains bioflavonoids, enzymes and natural phenolic compounds that help in everyday health and well-being.

This Australia's Manuka Bioactive Honey MGO 250+ is certified as a high quality Manuka honey. It is perfect to help heal sore throats, treat wounds and scars and help with skin problems such as eczema and ACNE. It can also help your digestive system, improving your overall health and feeling of well-being (especially in the winter months).